Gaziano Girling

Digital Designer, Developer and Photographer

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Digital designer and Photographer for the re-launch of the Gaziano Girling website and online boutique.

Gaziano & Girling is a unique shoe company. Founded in 2006 by Tony Gaziano & Dean Girling, it has become the most innovative and versatile shoemaker in England, combining handcrafting and manufacturing skills to put itself at the top of both the bespoke and benchmade industries.

Chopper Skate Shop

Digital Manager / Photographer

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Digital Manager and Photographer for Chopper Skate Shop. Over seeing the shops e-Commerce and social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Wandering Bears

Digital Designer / Project Manager / Co-Founder

Wandering Bears is a community of emerging creatives. A centre for new work, ideas and collaborative projects.

Since its birth in 2010, WB has developed into an exciting and forward thinking creative organisation, growing with each new project. With a strong online following, large group shows, creative talks and workshops held within various institutions and locations across the United Kingdom, WB are looking to spread the word and work with emerging artists and talents from around the world.

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Self Publish, Be Happy

Website Designer / Production Manager

Instrumental in the development and continued success of a website to promote self published photo books online and through exhibitions.

Self Publish, Be Happy is an organisation founded by Bruno Ceschel in 2010 with the aim of celebrating, studying and promoting self-published photo books.

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Chopped Liver Press

Website Designer

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Built using Tictail we created a online shop for CLP to distribute Books, Editions & Posters to a worldwide photographic audience.

CHOPPED LIVER PRESS publishes limited edition books and posters by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin and other specially commissioned artists books.